Brawley Walkway and Slack Plaza

This walkway connects Capitol Street to Court Street, and serves as a link between the renovated downtown and Charleston Town Center mall. The walkway was named for Harry Brawley, who lived from 1910-1992, was a historian who worked in the area as a high school and college teacher, radio and TV personality, and Charleston councilman. Brawley is said to have done more for the city’s history than any other individual. He knew the history of every building and family in Charleston, but more importantly he chronicled these stories for publication in magazines. Between Summers and Laidley Street, the walkway broadens out to become Slack Plaza and Transportation Mall. This favorite gathering place was named in honor of former Congressman John M. Slack. Slack attended public schools in Charleston, graduated from VMI, and served on the Kanawha County Court and as the Kanawha County assessor.