Blenko Glass Company

Colorful glassThe product of one man’s passion for artistic glass, the Blenko Glass Company creates and sells exquisite hand-blown glass. Founded by William J. Blenko in 1893 as one-man operation, the company now hires skilled artisans and craftsman to create stunning masterpieces in glass that are unique and full of character. It all started with Blenko’s quest to find a way to make ruby red sheet glass that would not change colors when painted and fired. After meticulous experimentations, he was able to successfuly create the ruby red sheet glass, and the rest is as they say, is history.

Though Blenko’s primary products in the early years are tableware in functional and classical designs, there was a boom in the glass’ popularity when the company has decided to hire designers. Winslow Anderson was the company’s first design director, and many of his designs was awarded with the Museum of Modern Art’s Good Design Awards in 1950.

A comfortable 35-minute drive from Charleston, the Blenko Glass Visitor Center and Museum, guests can learn about the fine art of hand blown glassware, and watch the company’s craftsmen at work. Inside the museum are the numerous award-winning Blenko glass on display.

Blenko Glass Company
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