Farmers Market Season Starts Soon

The onset of the warm summer months signals the beginning of West Virginia’s farmers markets season.

Whether they are large, highly-organized affairs or smaller, more casual ones, there is no denying the pull that a good farmers market has over the local community. Nothing beats fresh, just off-the-farm fruits and vegetables, as well as artisinal foods from small but highly-dedicated specialty makers.

For a detailed list of markets springing up soon, check out:

Since early 1990s, the number of farmers’ markets in West Virginia has increased by 300%, which means that more local farmers and food producers are able to sell their goods directly to more households than ever before.

This bodes well for the community, since the produce is guaranteed fresh, and the buyers are not saddles with extra costs such for shipping, storage, and handling.

To get the best out of your farmers market experience, here are a few tips: 1) Come early to get the best pick of the day; 2) Shop around first before deciding on what to buy; 3) Bring small bills and change to pay for your purchases; and 4) Bring a reusable shopping bag to carry your purchases around to cut down on the use of plastic bags.