Hobby Haven at Lost Legion Games and Comics

Comic book fans rejoice! Your search for the latest releases or to fill in the gaps in your collection has ended with Lost Legion Games and Comics at Five Corners on Charleson’s West Side.

Lost Legion Games and Comics is one of West Virginia’s largest comic and game stores. The store features comic books, games, cards, figurines, posters, and other collectibles sought after by casual and hardcore collectors alike.

Half of the store is also dedicated to gaming — board gaming, card gaming, miniature gaming, tabletop roleplay, the permutations are endless! Manager J.B. Roberts states, “It’s a social activity that people can do with their friends. It gives them interaction and it lets them go out and do something other than go to a bar.”

For more on Lost Legion Games and Comics, visit their website at: lostlegiongamesandcomics.com.