Johnnies Fresh Meat Market

meatJohnnies remains to this day, the place to get the freshest and best cuts of meat in Charleston, WV. Established in 1972 by Mr. John Willey as johnnies Midget Market, it has grown and has been passed on within the family. Twenty-seven years later, it came to the hands of hiss step-daughter Lisa Querry, who managed to bring the butcher shop to new heights with the introduction of new products, remodeling the business, while still continuing the family tradition of providing only the best products and services to their customers.

Johnnies Fresh Meat Market sells different cuts of meat from beef, lamb, pork, chicken, veal, rabbit and duck. Also available are different kinds of sausages, as well as marinades and sauces to compliment your meat.

For inquiries and requests, call (304) 342-0224. Johnnies Fresh Meat Market is located inside the Capitol Market at 800 Smith Street.