Mission Savvy: an eco-chic store

Green is in. It’s not the color, but it’s the eco-friendly choices that’s making people change their lifestyle for a healthier planet. People are now more conscious about their carbon footprint, and making an effort to lessen the damage done to the environment.

Mission Savvy, an eco-fashion store has been a welcome addition to Charleston’s shopping scene. Mission Savvy specializes in clothing that leave very little impact on the environment, is sustainable and socially conscious. Not only are the clothes environmental friendly, they are also fashionable and durable. Good investment pieces, even if eco-friendly clothing are more expensive than regular clothes.

Designers for Mission Savvy are committed to using only fabrics that are grown sans pesticide and are sourced locally, ensuring that you are helping a thriving community. The store itself is donating 5% of its profits to animal rescue and wildlife preservation.

If you’re looking for a greener alternative to your passion for fashion, look no further than Mission Savvy. The store is located at the corner of Quarrier and Hale streets. You can also view their selections and buy online at their website, http://www.missionsavvy.com