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Southridge Centre

12 October 2008 5,925 views 2 Comments

Located on Corridor G (Rt. 119s), South Charleston

Stores include Wal-Mart, Sam’s Wholesale Club, Fashion Bug and many more.

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  • Paul said:

    This is one of the worst shopping centers near Charleston. It is crowded on the weekends like no other shopping center I’ve ever been to. There is only one entrance/exit from the plaza. There is an alternative exit but it is one way and lazy people constantly go the wrong way through it causing traffic back-ups and accidents.
    This shopping center and the one on the other side of Corridor G have landscaping that blocks the view of cars trying to leave the parking lots. There are many accidents every year due to bushes higher than head level of all drivers except those in jacked up 4x4s blocking your view. Anyone with common sense would be able to figure out
    Walmart NEVER has enough registers open. Other Walmarts in the area have twice as many registers open on a daily basis. Not to mention the management at this Walmart is not people friendly at all. They have banned all solicitation; even from the nonprofit organizations.
    Sam’s Club is nice. There is plenty of parking and usually lots of registers open. I’ve only had more than 3 customers in line in front of me twice and both times were near Christmas.

  • Lisa said:

    I think Paul is a little crazy. All shopping centers have traffic problems and all Walmarts only have a few registers open.
    If you don’t like it don’t go there,