Toad’s R/C Hobbies

Toad’s R/C Hobbies at the Hills Plaza is a product of love. This specialty store is the result of John Lyons’ long term love affair with radio controlled vehicles. Like most boys, John grew up admiring these scaled radio-controlled vehicles at the Fountain Hobby Shop on Washington Street. Soon enough he was building and repairing different kinds of radio controlled cars and aircraft.

His passion for the hobby soon left him with no space at the family’s dining table. He went to build a workshop in the backyard, but he outgrew that too. There was also the problem of sourcing high quality materials for the vehicles that he repairs and build. So what’s a hobbyist to do? Open his own specialty R/C store!

Toad’s R/C Hobbies has over a thousand radio controlled vehicles in all shapes and forms. What’s even more impressive is their inventory of over 200,000 items that include rare parts that would normally give R/C enthusiasts a headache in acquiring.

Aside from the jaw-dropping display of R/C cars, trucks, boats and aircraft, the store also feature a flight simulator that teaches customers how to fly R/C planes. John is proud of the personalized service in his store. He takes time to get to know his customers and shares his own input regarding each item. His vast knowledge and experience coupled with his passion for the hobby makes Toad’s R/C Hobbies the prime place for starting a new hobby or restarting an old childhood interest.

Toad’s R/C Hobbies
107 Hills Plaza, Charleston, WV