2010 Junior Olympics: National Qualifying Track & Field Meet

Title: 2010 Junior Olympics: National Qualifying Track & Field Meet
Location: UC Stadium at Lailey Field Charleston, WV
Link out: Click here
Description: Entry fee is $20.00 for each athlete. No entry fee will be transferred or refunded. Entry will not be processed unless entry fee is paid by deadline. Bring a legible copy of a birth certificate or proof of age, along with a 2010 AAU membership card for each athlete entered; Do not send in advance. All entry fees must be paid online, no exceptions will be granted.

This meet is open to any athlete that falls within the age divisions listed below and have competed in that particular event at any District Qualifying Meet.. Athletes aged 13 (Sub-Youth) and older may enter in up to a maximum of 4 events including relays. Younger age brackets may only enter in 3 events including relays. If an athlete is entered into too many events, meet management reserves the right to reject the athlete from one or more events without notification.

Start Date: 2010-06-17
End Date: 2010-06-20