After School Explorers Club

Title: After School Explorers Club
Location: Clay Center for the Arts & Sciences of West Virginia One Clay Square Charleston, West Virginia 25301
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Description: Step out of the classroom and into a world of fun with our After School Explorers Club. Designed for students in grades 2 – 6, workshops take place on Thursdays, 3:30 – 5:30 pm, and include a science demonstration, hands-on experiments and activities for just $12 for museum members or $15 for non-members. Pre-registration is required. Call (304) 561–3529 for more information! Here’s a look at our new spring lineup:Be sure to get in on the action of our new lineup of after school fun for 2010!

March 11:
Unhuggables: Animal Myths

Can a toad really give you warts? Join us to find out the truth behind weird animal myths.

March 25:
Toy Dissection

How does a View Master display 3-D images? What is inside an Etch-a-Sketch? All these things and more will be examined as we dissect common toys to unlock their mysteries.

April 8:
Myth Breakers

Can you out run a rubber bullet? Can household items explode? Put the scientific method to the test as you perform experiments to find out what’s true and what’s just a myth.

April 22:
It’s Morphing Time! All kinds of hopping, flying, and sprouting is going on this time of year, so let’s investigate the amazing changes that occur in spring.

May 6:
Make it Work!

What do a magic carpet, warp speed, and a human knot have in common? They are all fun team challenges that you’ll need your thinking caps for in this wild and wacky workshop.
Date: 2010-03-11