Amy Hart Blues Band

Title: Amy Hart Blues Band
Location: The Empty Glass, 410 Elizabeth St.
Link out: Click here
Description: Amy Hart was born and raised in the Chicago Area. She began singing in blues bands in Chicago as a youngster and has opened for Koko Taylor, Junior Welles and James Cotton. She started her own blend of roots and blues in the 80’s and started travelling as a solo artist. She has played all over the US, made several records including, “Too Cruel” a cut on the soundtrack to the Mercury Records release, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun… the movie”. In the nineties she made her first solo cd, “Every Beat of My Heart” on her own label, Painted Rock Records.

Most recently Amy Hart lived and played along the Gulf Coast, making a living as a singer/songwriter until the Horizon Oil Rig Incident changed her destiny. She actually became homeless after losing all her gigs when the economy in FL tanked. She shipped her daughter off to College and lived in her car to keep her kid in school while she looked for work. She turned down a recording contract in Chicago and drove to Nashville with 40 bucks in her pocket and stayed with some friends till BP started cutting some checks. Then she started cutting some tracks. What has resulted is this latest release “Congratulations” which actually chronicles her own homelessness, unemployment and ultimate redemption.

Date: 2012-08-25