Auditions for “Flaming guns of the Purple Sage”

Charleston Stage Company (CSC) will hold auditions for final production of the 2009-2010 season, Jane Martin’s comedy, Flaming guns of the Purple Sage on Sunday and Monday, February 21 and 22 at 7:00 pm at WVSU’s Capitol Center Theatre, 123 Summers Street in downtown Charleston.

The play is a a shoot ‘em up, knock-em’ up, cut-’em up comic romp through deepest Wyoming that director Frieda Forsley calls, “a cross between Carol Burnett, Gunsmoke and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” CSC is seeking four men and three women to play (among others) a young handsome rodeo star, an Annie Oakley cowboy “healer”, her wise-cracking sister, a crazy Ukrainian biker and an well-meaning but ineffectual sheriff. The play will be performed April 15-17 and 22-24.

Characters for the play are:
Rob Bob: a young, handsome rodeo star, the youngest rider to have won the “World’s Top Cowboy” silver buckle. He is recovering from hip injuries inflicted by a rodeo fall.– innocent and naïve to a fault, old-fashioned and dumber than a bag of hammers. Age range: 20s to 30s

Big 8: an ex-rodeo star and expansive personality, Big 8 is a hard-bitten, jaded nurse and healer to rodeo cowboys with various physical ailments. An eye for young cowboys; not afraid to speak her mind. . Age range: 30s to 50s

Shirl: Big 8’s sister, a at the local slaughter house – Attractive and flirty. Age range: 30s to 50s.

Shedevil: a severely pierced, pink-haired young woman on the run from her Ukrainian biker boyfriend, Black Dog. Seems to speak in fits and spasms of various sounds and noises and has an artificial hand to replace the one that was chopped off during a romantic tiff. Age range: teens to 20s

Baxter Blue: Shirl’s hapless boyfriend and local law enforcement official. A good man, if somewhat dim-witted. Age range: 30s to 50s

Black Dog: a monstrous, Harley-clad, mustachioed, eye-patched, tattooed, fierce Big and mean. Half Ukrainian, half King Kong, Black Dog doesn’t speak as much as growl and snarl. He dies a thousand deaths and sheds enough blood for 4 episodes of ER. Age range: 20s to 50s

Memphis Donnie Pride: a beautiful young cowboy in full garb. Age range: teens to 30s

For more information, call 766-5721 or go online at