Bridge Day’s 31st Anniversary

Title: Bridge Day’s 31st Anniversary
Location: 10 Oyler Ave Oak Hill, WV 25901 800-927-0263
Link out: Click here
Description: It’s time for the 31st Annual Bridge Day Festival in West Virginia! Right here, right in the middle of the Mountain State, we celebrate the outdoors with a show you’ve got to experience to believe. We’ve got a bridge, and we’ve got a gorge- it’s time to jump into it!

This festival, the state’s largest, is all about living. Our setting, the New River Gorge, is one of the world’s oldest places, and BASE jumping is one of the world’s most cutting edge sports. Above the famous white water rafting on the New River, jumpers, rappelers, and thousands and thousands of onlookers gather for the state’s biggest party of the year.

It’s fall. It’s time. Welcome To West Virginia! Welcome to Bridge Day!

Date: 2010-10-16