Chef showdown at the Capitol Market

West Virginian chefs will battle it out over the fires at the Capitol Market’s 13th birthday celebration. The Market Iron Chef title will go to the emerging victor among 10 local chefs.

The competition will be patterned after the TV show “Iron Chef,” wherein chefs must build a menu around a secret ingredient (the clue is that it’s locally grown West Virginian produce). The secret ingredient will be revealed at 10am, after which the chef are given 30 minutes and $30 to buy additional ingredients from the Capitol Market. They are given 2 hours to prepare and cook 200 sample dishes for voters to try.

Judging starts at 12:30 pm until the last plate is gone. Foodies and guests can sample all of the 10 chef’s dishes for only $10. Profits of this event will benefit the West Virginia Chapter of the American Culinary Federation Pro-Start College Scholarship Fund.

For inquiries, call (304) 545-0802 or (304) 545-0811.