Children’s Theatre of Charleston presents “The Littlest Angel”

Title: Children’s Theatre of Charleston presents “The Littlest Angel”
Location: 200 Civic Center Drive, Charleston, WV 25301
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Description: Children’s Theatre of Charleston presents “The Littlest Angel” on December 8 – 11, 2011.
Little Theater

$10 for children (ages 3-13)
$12 for adults

Tickets available at the Civic Center Box Office or at the door.

Call 304-346-0164 for more information.

This classic Christmas story of a little angel who is transformed from a celestial pest to the toast of the Heavenly Host is brought magically to life in this humorous, touching, and, above all, inspirational musical.

Filled with melody and mirth, the story follows the adventures and misadventures of the Littlest Angel, from his reluctant entry through the Pearly Gates to the triumphant conclusion when his gift to the newborn Christ Child is miraculously transformed into the shining Star of Bethlehem. All the familiar characters of the endearing original story are included. Among them are the irascible, yet lovable, Gatekeeper (who also serves as narrator), the sympathetic Understanding Angel, the harried Heavenly Messenger, and, of course, the Celestial Choir.

The charming score includes the engaging solos “Homesick” and “My Gift,” the enchanting duet, “The Little Things,” a variety of ensemble numbers ranging from the humorous “Have You Met the Littlest Angel?” to the triumphant “Sound the Harp and Horn!” and, finally, the “heavenly” title song “The Littlest Angel.”
This one-hour musical is an ideal holiday gift for both cast and audience.

Start Date: 2011-12-08
End Date: 2011-12-11