Department of Education Launches ReadWV

The West Virginia Department of Education organized a “Read to Me Day” at Piedmont Elementary, to launch their newest Read West Virginia Project. Read WV has a goal of encouraging reading in children and adults alike — to increase literacy and instill a culture of loving books in West Virginia.

Read WV is a long-term project that is a joint effort by the West Virginia Department of Education, Read Aloud West Virginia, the West Virginia Library Commission, the Imagination Library and American Electric Power.

Read WV recognizes that reading is one of the most important skills a child needs to learn. When children learn to love reading at early age, they gain an advantage in school and later on in their work lives over children who do not read enough.

It is also a key activity for adults to keep their minds sharp and their confidence brimming, as studies show that adults who read for personal enjoyment generally perform better in their jobs as well as live fuller, happier lives.