George Robertson

Title: George Robertson
Location: Taylor Books 226 Capitol St. Charleston, WV 304-342-1461
Link out: Click here
Description: Taylor’s on Capitol Street in Charleston on Aug. 6 from 730-930PM 2010.

George Robertson performs rock, rockabilly, boogie blues, folk rock, rock & roll, country rock and classic country mixed with originals straight from the heart. He likes to lay out a sultry, fat, clear sound similar to those of the Sun Studio musicians in Memphis. He can play hours of contrasting originals that capture moods and feelings or just let it out! Many of the cover tunes he performs came straight out of the swamps of the Mississippi River Delta. His music has a smooth rhythm with clear vocals that reflect a strong delta influence connecting somewhere between Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Ricky Nelson. As his vocal range continues to increase some listeners suggest influences of Roy Orbison and Paul Stookey. George is just happy to enjoy music and knows that it is a dream to sound as good as any of ’em. He picks a unique guitar style influenced greatly by Luther Perkins and also by Carl Perkins and Chuck Berry. He has clearly developed his own style with his own riffs that shoot straight from the heart. His hope is to give back the love that he receives and for everyone to experience the energy and and freedom that is a gift to each of us.
Date: 2010-08-06