Grand Canyon: River at Risk

This November through January 7, Clay Center’s ElectricSky Theater is featuring this eye-opening film about the endangered river of the that pass through the Grand Canyon.

Narrated by Robert Redford, the film takes viewers to a closer look at the Colorado River. While the sweeping views of the Grand Canyon awes viewers, the journey of Wade Davis, an anthropologists, enthnologist and author, and Robert Kennedy Jr., an environmental activits, takes us on a closer look at the risks the river is facing.

The film aims to educate viewers on the realities of water scarcity and other environmental threats.

Showtimes are at 12noon, 1pm, 3pm and 4pm Wednesdays to Saturdays and 1pm and 3pm on Sundays. Tickets costs $7 for adults, $6 for kids. For more information, visit the Clay Center’s website or call (304)561-3562