Hispanic Flamenco Ballet

Title: Hispanic Flamenco Ballet
Location: Civic Center Little Theater
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Description: The Hispanic Flamenco Ballet (HFB) was formed under the auspices of Jorge Ceron, a cultural exchange expert who began his career over 11 years ago with the Boston Flamenco Ballet. Over the years Mr. Ceron has managed numerous cultural exchange tours, gaining vast experience that is reflected in the rich cultural diversity and content of our shows, currently performed in a diverse range of communities throughout the United States. Mr. Ceron strives constantly to diversify and expand the reach of the show by incorporating new and different folkloric cultural dances of Latin America and Spain. The mission of Hispanic Flamenco Ballet is to present contemporary and traditional aspects of Hispanic culture to students of all backgrounds through the medium of dance. The ultimate aim of our non-profit organization is to open the window to cultural expression and understanding amongst the youth of America, by presenting unique examples of varied Hispanic and Spanish dance and music forms.
Date: 2009-11-10