Pipestem Resort State Park – Murder Mystery Weekend

Title: Pipestem Resort State Park – Murder Mystery Weekend
Location: Pipestem Resort Stat Park, Rt. 20, Box 150, Pipestem, WV 25979
Description: December 13 Pipestem State Park presents Murder Mystery Weekend “A Groovy Kind of Murder” dinner theater or weekend package. What the world needs now is ….love, so join us for a reunion of the singing group, The Love Beads. Twenty years ago they were classmates at Loveland University, fondly referred to as Love U, and formed The Love Beads to protest all the world’s wrongs. A planned farewell concert before graduating was cancelled after a disastrous Love-In and Peace March. After all these years, they are getting back together for a Farewell Concert. Some of the singers want the group to continue their career. But, one of them has ulterior motives for getting the group back together and will stoop at nothing short of murder. Clues are given and the audience will have the chance to interrogate suspects and solve the dastardly deed. Can The Love Beads overcome to spread sunshine and put a little love in our hearts? Contact: Melissa Jacobs, 304-466-1800 x 379
Date: 2008-12-13