Square Meal at Taylor Books

The Arts Council of Kanawha Valley will present the next Square Meal on 7th November at Taylor Books from 6PM to 8 PM. Square Meal is a small grant program for artists in music, dance, visual arts, theater, literature and film.

Diners who come to Square Meal contribute part of the proceeds of the dinner to support creative projects. Each person present at the dinner gets one vote to determine who among four presenters receives the grant. The grant winner will have eight months to complete the present aspect of the project.

Four grant proposals will be chosen beforehand by a panel of community members, artists, and city officials. The selected presenters will have four to eight minutes to pitch their project at the dinner to win the grant. Grant proposals are being accepted until 5 p.m. Monday.

Tickets will be at $16; seating is limited to 40. Tickets can be purchased at Taylor Books or the Arts Council website at artskv.org. For more information, contact Naomi Bays at naomi@artskv.org or 304-807-2787.