The Crying Wolf Challenge – WVMBA Sanctioned Event

Title: The Crying Wolf Challenge – WVMBA Sanctioned Event
Location: Bluefield City Park, Bluefield, WV 26416
Link out: Click here
Description: Crying Wolfe Challenge May 23, 2009 This bike race starts on the Family Friendly Trail (light green) does one loop then heads up the right side of the Wolf Pup Trail (orange) which is a tight double track. This trail will make a sharp turn to the left off of the double track that is easy to miss at the bottom of the first downhill. Follow the single track back down the hollow coming back down the left side of Wolf Pup Trail then take a right on the Sleeping Wolf Trail (Yellow) which will be back on double track straight up the hill. Turn right on the Wolf Tail Trail (red), which will continue up the hill. Keep left when you get to the top of the hill where you will do a couple large dips. Look for Rhododendron Trail (Dark Green) on the left, which will take you down a steep single track. Stay right at the steep switchback and continue until you are back to the Sleeping Wolf Trail (yellow) where you take a right. Follow

the Sleeping Wolf Trail (yellow) all the way back to the Wolf Pup Trail (orange). The total oop is around 5 miles. Do this entire loop twice for sport riders…three times if you are an

expert rider. The race will finish with one final lap on the family friendly trail. Experts 17 miles, Sport 12 miles, Beginner 6 miles, Kids Fun Race(noon).

(304) 543-1120
Date: 2009-05-23