The Princess of Rome, Ohio

Title: The Princess of Rome, Ohio
Location: Alban Arts Center
Link out: Click here
Description: Friday, 05 July 2013, 08:00pm – 11:00pm
Adults $15, students and seniors $10.

Basically a story of the three love lifes. Alma who’s husband Chester hitches up the house and leaves after their most recent fight. (Although she is better off and had left him multiple times before.) Chester’s brother Dicky insists that Alma tell him where Chester went – because he drove off with their ebay business in that house. Alma finds love online with England who comes to visit, they appear to have a promising potential.

Lulu got married and pregnant as a teen. She believed she had shot and killed her husband years ago, but gets the surprise of him showing up on her door step with flowers and promises of being a changed man. Despite his promises, the situation quickly goes back to both verbal and physical fights. Lulu sends Bud packing, but he wants to come back and see his little princess (Hattie), although Hattie would rather not see him.

Hattie, is fourteen but has lived a lot of life for a fourteen year old. Her mom doesn’t think Hattie knows about her father “death” (thought she does). She is the type to grab a beer though, she knows, she isn’t suppose to. Hattie even goes to the local strip club to audition, pretending she is 18, because she thought it was funny. She has just lived and watched to much life. An awkward relationship is brewing with the new boy next door Jimmy. One day, when they couldn’t decide what to do other than get away from the house, they come home married.

There is a rise in the chaos as; Lulu and Bud fight, England surprises Alma by coming to visit, and Hattie arrives a little shaken by what she just did. In the mess of everything Hattie takes a gun, shoots a couple warning shots, and makes people finally listen to her – and all she really wants is to stop living their messed up lives on the front porch and learn to talk to each other. Show ends with a tentative hint towards a baby step that direction.

(About the Author) Jonathan Joy is a West Virginia native, the author of nine plays and the Winner of the 2005 Write Like Mamet Award. His work has been preformed at the Where Eagles Dare Theatre in New York City, First Stage in Los Angeles, the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco and numerous venues in Ohio and West Virginia. His writing has been published by the New York Times, One Act Play Depot, Smith & Kraus, Brooklyn Publishers & more. Plays include two award winning full length comedies. “American Standard” & “The Princess of Rome, Ohio” and seven one act plays including “Just Another Day in November” which recently premiered at the Clay Center in Charleston, WV and at Marshall University

The Princess of Rome, Ohio” was a finalist in Seven Devils Play writing Conference, Semi-Finalist in Dayton Playhouse FutureFest, Winner 2004 1st Place Maier Award, 2005 Columbus Fringe Festival
Start Date: 2013-07-05
End Date: 2013-07-07