The Storehouse

helpinghandsA huge warehouse on Hansford Street is filled with various items ranging from thousands of sticks of deodorant to several square feet of ceramic floor tiles, bottles of body wash to Formica kitchen countertops. This warehouse isn’t for a supermarket or department store chain, but rather it’s a place where non-for-profit groups can get materials they needed for next to nothing.

The Storehouse, as it is called is run by John deBlecourt. An offshot of the faith-based nonprofit group, Believe in West Virginia, the Storehouse’s aim is to break down large donations into manageable portions and give them to local charities. There aren’t any definite list of what they will have stocked in the warehouse, but one thing’s for sure, there is definitely something for everybody and local groups are welcome to gather supplies for their programs.

This Saturday, Believe in West Virginia will be hosting a “West Virginia Day of Action” from 8am to 3pm, with a focus to fix, paint, build or clean homes in the community. Everybody is invited to join this activity. To join or to schedule an appointment for the Storehouse, call John deBlecourt at (304) 552-7601.