The Vatican and the Popes

vaticanThe world watched as The Vatican elected a new pope back in March 2013. How does this impact the world?

George Weigel, a Vatican observer and church scholar will be giving two back to back talks in Charleston, WV.

Mr. Weigel will speak at the B’nai Jacob Synagogue on May 21. He will be discussing how the late Pope John Paul II’ and the Roman Catholic Church’s historical friendship and relations with the Jewish people.

The following day, May 22, Mr. Weigel will speak about the new pope, Pope Francis. He will also be discussing the topic of his new book, “Evangelical Catholicism: Deep Reform in the 21st Century Church.” This will be at the St. Agnes Church.

Both lectures are open to the public. The talk at the B’nai Jacob Synagogue is free admission, while the talk at St. Agnes’ will cost $10. Proceeds from the admission will go to the education of those entering the ministry for the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston.

For more information, call Jim Garvin at (304) 925-8414, or visit the Serra Club of Charleston website. The Serra Club is part of Serra International, and made Mr. Weigel’s visit to Charleston possible.