Twin Falls Resort State Park – Spring Nature Walk

Title: Twin Falls Resort State Park – Spring Nature Walk
Location: Rt. 97, PO Box 667, Mullens, WV 25882, (304) 294-4000
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Description: May 3 Spring Nature Walk Twin Falls Resort State Park Enjoy a leisurely spring walk to discover

spring flowers as well as other wonders of the trail and forest. Approximately a two hour walk

beginning at 2:00 pm. Meet at the lodge. Contact: Twin Falls Resort State Park 304-294-4000

DIRECTIONS: Twin Falls is located southwest of Beckley which is served by the major arteries,

the West Virginia Turnpike (I-77) and I-64. Exit I-64/I-77 at Beckley, West Virginia at Exit 42

(marked Beckley and Robert C. Byrd Drive). From Exit 42 it is 28 miles (40 minutes) to Twin

Falls Lodge. Turn right onto Rt. 16 South/Rt. 97 West (marked Mullens, Sophia). Drive 4.2 miles

on Rt. 16 South/Rt. 97 West. Turn right at the stop light onto Rt. 54 South/Rt. 97 West. Drive

14 miles on Rt. 54 South/Rt. 97 West through the towns of Glen White and Lester. At Maben, turn

right onto Rt. 97 West and drive 5.5 miles. Turn left at intersection onto Bear Hole Road. Twin

Falls Lodge is 4.1 miles.
Date: 2009-05-03