West Virginia’s Finest

singerAuditions for West Virginia’s Finest singing competition will be held this August and September all around the state. Aspiring singers in Charleston can audition on August 21 and 28, 6:30pm to 8pm at Capitol Roaster’s Café, corner of Quarrier and Summers streets.

To audition, interested parties must sing along to a CD or pre-recorded track. They can also opt to sing a capella; intruments are not allowed. Solo singers are welcomed, as do groups of up to five members. There are categories for youth (ages 12-14 and 15-17) and adults (R&B/blues/jazz, pop/rock, gospel, hip-hop/rap and country/folk).

Fees will be collected from auditioneers. Individuals must pay $15 for the youth category and $25 for the adult category. Groups have to pay $30 for yout and $40 for adult. Finals will be held in Charleston in November 2009.

For more details, please call 304-590-1042.