World’s Championship Chili Cookoff 2009

chiliThe International Chili Society (ICS) is bringing the World’s Championship Chili Cookoff to Charleston, WV this October. Aimed to promote, develop and improve the preparation and appreciation of true chili, this global event brings together over 400 competitors from all over the world.

The Appalachian Power Park is the venue for this year’s chilifest, a deviation from the baseball games it normally hosts. The stadium is the perfect venue for an event of this magnitude, as competitors and their respective groups and families will be flocking to Charleston.

The competition starts on October 9 with the Last Chance Chili Cook-off. Only first-place winners of the three categories (red chili, chili verde [green chili] and salsa) will move on to compete in the world competitions over the weekend.

Starting at noon on the 10th, the stoves will be fired up to prepare the world’s best chili verde and salsa, as well as the chili for the People’s Choice competition. Chili lovers will surely enjoy being a judge by taste testing samples and voting for their favorites. But be quick, as the chili tends to run out as early as 1pm!

On the 11th, the traditional red chili competition will be held from 12 noon until 4pm, followed by the Miss Chili Pepper, Mister Hot Sauce and Best Booth competitions.

For more details about the upcoming World Chili Cookoff in Charleston, visit the International Chili Society website at