American Shakespeare Center in Charleston

Broadway CurtainThe American Shakespeare Center is visiting from Staunton Virginia next weekend, as part of their nationwide tour. The group will be performing Hamlet on October 24, at the Scottish Rite Temple on 406 Capitol St., Charleston, WV.

This performance will be similar to how plays were traditionally performed during William Shakespeare’s time: with the house lights on, and surrounded by the audience on three sides. There will also be no elaborate set designs on stage, and the actors will perform multiple roles, to bring the audience’s imaginations into overdrive.

Tickets for the play costs $20 for adults, $15 for seniors, and $10 for students of any age. They are available at the door, or in advance through Taylor Books (with additional fees).

On the following day, October 25, the troupe will hold a workshop to demonstrate how to usethe five main types of rhetorical devices – Repetition, Omission, Addition, Direction and Substitution – as clues for character in Shakespeare’s plays, both for acting cues and for analytical purposes. This is especially important in the playwright’s works, as he use rhetorical devices throughout his works. This play is designed for students and teachers of English and drama. Shakespeare enthusiasts are also welcomed.

Workshop participants must be at least 18 years old. To register, call (304) 470-0489, as slots are limited. Fee for the workshop is $10 per adult.