Appalachian Power Park

baseballOn April 9th, baseball season opens with a game between West Virginia Power and the Lexington Legends at the Appalachian Power Park. Home of the minor league baseball team in the South Athlantic League, the stadium is located at the East End of Charleston, WV.

Opened in April 2005, the Appalachian Power Park can seat 6,200 spectators. The field’s dimension spans 330 feet in its left fieled, 400 feet in center field and 320 feet in the right field. The stadium boasts of an authentic locomotive horn, which was given by the Norfolk Southern Corporation, whose track run ajacent to the park.

The park’s most unusual feature though, is a mere electrical outlet in the backstop just behind the home plate. This feature was added to accommodate local businessman, Rod Blackstone, who is one of the biggest and famous fan of minor league baseball. He’s known to bring bread and a toaster to games. He’d make fresh toast right in his seat and toss the freshly toasted bread into the seats around him. He’d yell out “you are toast!” whenever a Power pitcher strikes out a batter.

The stadium also have restaurants open throughout the whole year. There is also a “Fun Zone” behind the center field, where there are numerous games to keep the kids occupied.

Appalachian Power Park
601 Morris Street
Suite 201, Charleston, WV 25301
Website: West Virginia Power Official Website