Featured Artist: Barrie Kaufman

This is part of a series of interviews with artists working in and around Charleston, West Virginia. We will showcase two artists each month in the website. If you’re an artist who’s interested in having your work featured in WhyCharleston, drop us a line at info@whycharlestonwv.com.

How did you get started in your art?
I studied at the Kansas City Art Institute. I have a B.A. in art from Marietta College. I have a MAT in art therapy from Wright State University and an MA in art from Marshall university.

Barrie Kaufman

What are the major influences in your art?
I have been very influenced by Japanese printmaking techniques using woodblock carving for my expression. June Kilgore at Marshall was the best teacher I ever had. Spending time in nature has greatly informed my art, as well as looking at the great paintings of the world. I am a big fan of Turner although my work is nothing like his. I like the luminosity.

Barrie Kaufman

What differs your technique from other artists?
I am primarily a print maker working in woodblock. My early work was greatly informed by the children’s artwork I saw in therapy. Lately I have been influenced by the North Woods and other expressions like the difference between darkness and light.

How do you describe the art scene in Charleston?
Very vibrant, especially the support gives to artists.

How receptive are the people of Charleston towards your art?
I have had alot of success with my art in Charleston and West Virginia.

Barrie Kaufman

What are your favorite art pieces around Charleston?
I like the scupture infront of the Clay Center. The Clay Center has alot of fine pieces in their public collection.

What particular things in Charleston inspires you to create art?
The pace here is quite conductive to working, Also anywhere you turn there are beautiful forests within walking distance.

If you were to create an art piece depicting Charleston, what medium,
technique and inspiration would you use?

Alot of bright colors, probably oils on shaped canvases.

Barrie Kaufman

Where would you recommend tourists to go for the best place to experience Charleston’s art scene?
The Clay Center, The Cultural Center, Callen Mcjunkin Gallery, The Art Store, Taylor Books are great places to start

Receving an award from the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation to be a fellow at the Virginia Center for the Arts is just one of the highligts of Barrie Kauffman‘s career. An artist for 35 years, she is a printmaker as well as a painter. Her work can be viewed at www.barriekaufman.com.