Bible Center Church

bible studyThe Bible Center Church is a congregation that has strong belief on the Bible. Considered as God’s Word, it is taken seriously and literally. Any decision on moral and lifestyle issues are all based on what is written in the Bible.

Started from a small Bible study group, the church was formally organized in 1943. From meeting at each other’s homes, the group moved on to gather in one storefront in downtown Charleston, then on to Broad street. The first church structure was built in Kanawha Boulevard in 1956, and moved on to its current location at US Route 119 in 1976.

Aside from regular Bible study meetings, the church also have outreach ministries all over the world to spread the good news. Services are held every Sundays at 9 a, (Contemporary) and 10:45am (Traditional).

Bible Center Church
1111 Oakhurst Drive, Charleston, West Virginia 25314
Phone: (304) 346-0431

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