Biking in West Virginia

Biking in West VirginiaCharleston and its surrounding areas are blessed with pristine natural beauty that makes it a joy to explore, whether you’re setting off on foot or on a bicycle. The mountains around the Kanawha Valley is an ideal place for mountain biking. Whether you’re a first time mountain biker, a weekend biker or an experienced rider, there’s sure to be a trail that would suit your riding style.

Some things to remember when mountain biking in West Virginia:

  • Don’t ride alone. It’s always best to travel with a buddy — if you get into an accident and you cannot ride or walk back, your partner can go for help.
  • Mind your front break when going down hill. When your front wheel leaves the ground, be sure not to set your front break. It can cause a serious accident when the front wheel lands with the brakes on.
  • Observe proper trail etiquette: don’t ride full speed past anyone, pull over when you see someone coming, stop and let horseback riders or hikers pass and don’t try to ride or edge by.
  • Always wear your safety gear. Helmets must fit perfectly and eye wear should be non-shattering. Pack a first aid kit when riding, and take proper precaution when riding during the hunting season.

Are you ready to ride yet? Bicycle WV has an extensive list of trails you can take your bike through in their website.