Bird watching in West Virginia

Birding in Charleston, WVWest Virginia is a host to numerous bird species through out the year, thanks mainly to its topography, vegetation and climate. At certain times of the year, there are over 300 species of birds in the state, 75 of which are known to breed locally, while the remainder are only migratory.

The temperate climate of the state means that you can go birding in West Virginia throughout the year. Birds flock to WV in late spring in early fall. This is the optimal time for bird watching, as these are the months when avian diversity is as its highest. During Spring or fall, you can birds as they migrate from north to south or south to north over the major rivers and mountain ridges. Even during the winter, birders can catch a glimpse of over 50 species of birds that brave the rugged weather.

In Charleston, WV, bird watchers can head to Kanawha State Forest, the Kanawha Falls area or Coonskin Park to catch a glimpse of these winged beauties. Species that you can expect to see in these ares are: mergansers, buffleheads, goldeneye, mallards, osprey flycatchers, woodpeckers, kinglets, vireos, tanagers, thrushes, orioles, red-shouldered hawks, thrushes, Acadian flycatchers, redstarts, several species of swallows and over 30 species of warblers.