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Bridge Road Bistro Food Truck

15 April 2013 224 views No Comment

bridgeroadbistroLooking to grab a bite, but tired of the usual offerings? Then here’s some good news for you! The Bridge Road Bistro now has their own food truck!

The big black truck will be driving around Charleston, parking near offices for up to 30 minutes, offering sumptuous bites to the hungry public. Expect to see salads, wraps, taco, empanadas, soups and nachos, but here’s where it gets good: they plan to make some changes to the menu every two weeks, so you get a better taste of the different flavors that the Bridge Road Bistro has to offer.

Given the limited time the truck can park in the curb, the service is expected to be fast — less than two minutes wait for your order to be served.

Aside from the food truck, the restaurant is working on developing an app that would let you track where the truck is currently parked, view the day’s menu, and even leave feedback about the food you ordered and the service you received. How’s that for customer service?

For more updates about the Bridge Road Bistro’s food truck, follow them on Facebook.

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