Capitol Market

Capitol Market is your one stop shop for fresh produce, meats, cheeses, wine, seafood, and bread. Located at the old rail yards in Smith Street, the market is accessible to locals and interstate travelers plying the I-77/I-64.

Capitol Market is a non-for-profit company that aims to promote the products of West Virginia’s farmers, growers and merchants. It’s also a venue for shoppers to have access to premium selection of the freshest produce and gourmet ingredients. Governed by a community-based board of directors, the members provide the market direction for its growth and sustainability.

The market is open year round, featuring specialty shops selling coffee, chocolates, books, wine, cheese, fruits, vegetables, seafood, and even an Italian restaurant. You can also buy seasonal produce at Capitol Market, like plants during Spring, local fruits and vegetables during produce season, pumpkins during pumpkin season and a Christmas trees during tree season. The market opens at 10am, Mondays through Saturdays from January to March, and closes at 6pm. From April to November, the market opens at 9am and closes at 6pm, Mondays to Saturdays. In December, Capitol Market opens at 9am, Mondays through Saturdays, and closes at 7am from Mondays to Wednesday, and 8pm from Thursday to Saturday. The market opens at noon all Sundays of the year and closes at 5pm.

The Capitol Market is located at 800 Smith Street, Charleston, WV 25301-1234. For leasing information and other inrquiries, call (304) 344-1905.