Charleston Area Medical Center

Operating RoomThe state’s largest and most advanced medical center, the Charleston Area Medical Center (CAMC) is the flagship institution of the CAMC Health System. A non-profit medical facility, the CAMC has a 893-bed capacity, and a regional referral and academic medical center. In Charleston, the CAMC is spread out in three locations — the General Hospital, Memorial Hospital and the Women and Children’s Hospital.

The Charleston Area Medical Center is equipped with advanced health care facilities for diagnosing and treating patients. The hospital also has a diverse array of specializations for different kinds of diseases. The CAMC offers cancer and cardiac services, and has centers for joint replacement, children’s medicine, facial surgery, family resource, fertility, health information, heart and vascular, imaging, kidney transplant, occupational lung, sleep, stroke, and weight loss center.

CAMC Health System, Inc.
c/o Web Questions
PO Box 1547
Charleston, WV 25326

CAMC General Hospital
501 Morris St., Charleston WV 25301

CAMC Memorial Hospital
3200 MacCorkle Ave. SE, Charleston, WV 25304

Women and Children’s Hospital
800 Pennsylvania Ave. Charleston, WV 25302