Charleston Civic and Convention Center

Charleston Civic CenterIf you’re looking for a good time in Charleston, WV, you could do a lot worse than checking out a show at the Charleston Civic Center. As one of the most versatile and flexible facilities in the region, the Center offers two performance venues, meeting rooms, gallery space, and even hosts sporting events.

The top selling artists play here, and play here often. Top of the industry sound quality plus an open floor space set up makes this facility a first pick of concert promoters and band managers nationwide. Businesspeople and conference planners will also find the facility perfect for their needs, offering a variety of venues for conventions and trade shows.

The Civic Center offers four unique venues for entertainment – The Civic Center Coliseum, The Municipal Auditorium, The Civic Center Little Theater and The Charleston Convention Center. The Center offers venues for concerts, sports, conventions, and more.

The Civic Center Coliseum is able to provide entertainers with a variety of stage set-ups, making it a versatile and popular venue for a wide variety of performances. The center also handles ticket sales, parking, set up and break down, and more. Whether you’re a performer or a concert-goer, you’ll find the Coliseum a great option.

The Civic Center Convention Center contains two convention halls, perfect for business conferences, trade shows, and more. If you’re looking for the best local venue for your event, consider hosting it in one of the Civic Center’s conference halls. Perfect for business conferences, the center also offers catering services and can assist you with set up and take down for your event upon request. They can even help you plan and promote your event!

The Civic Center boasts two separate theaters – the Municipal Auditorium and the Little Theater. The Municipal Auditorium is a great venue for live theater, corporate events, presentations, and more. With a 65 foot stage, performers and visitors alike will enjoy the theater experience. The Little Theater is currently undergoing remodeling, funded by a grand from the National Endowment for the Arts.

The Charleston Civic and Convention Center is a wonderful venue, whether you’re hosting or attending an event. The center offers a variety of guest services, including catering, event promotion, planning, ticket sales, parking, and more, making it a great place to host your next event. As an attendee, you’re sure to enjoy the spectacular service that only the Civic Center can provide.

Charleston Civic Center
200 Civic Center Drive, Charleston, West Virginia 25301