Churches in Charleston

There are several churches in Charleston, West Virginia, each one with a lively congregation and each with a beautiful historical architecture. A number of these places of worship are located in downtown Charleston, and are quite accessible if you’re in town.

The Episcopal church of St. John’s boasts of an active community centered on faith, service and worship. The historical church has been serving Charleston since 1822, and follows the tradition of the Episcopal church and excels worship, music and preaching.

For Presbyterians, there’s the Kanawha United Presbyterian Church, whose first minister was Reverend Henry Ruffner, who began his work in 1815. His work was continued by his son David, who was named as “The Father of Presbyterianism in the Kanawha Valley.” As the Kanawha Valley’s population grew, so did the Presbyterian Church. The church puts importance in food and fellowship, and there are various activities like the annual picnic, after-service brunches and coffee hour, are held for the parishioners throughout the year.

The other presbyterian church in Charleston is the First Presbyterian Church, that has been serving the community since 1819. The Church service blends contemporary and traditional music and hymns. The church, located at Leon Sullivan Way, holds it Sunday service at 8:30 am and 11:00 am, which is broadcasted live on WCHS-AM 580.

Reverend Michael Husson founded the parish of the Saint George Orthodox Cathedral. The imposing edifice stands in downtown Charleston, at the corner of Court and Lee Streets. Christianity started in West Virginia in 1892, when a small group of immigrants gathered together for worship. It was the Right Revered Melatios Karroum of the Greek Orthodox church that led the celebration of the Divine Liturgy, thereby bringing the Christian faith in Kanawha Valley.