D Cameron & Ron Placone at the Comedy Zone

The Comedy Zone CharlestonLooking for some rip roaring laughter to help you relax after a long week? Watch D. Cameron and Ron Placone as they take the stage at the Comedy Zone in Charleston, WV.

D. Cameron’s humor comes from everyday living, giving you a new way to look at the things we often overlook. While his quips may be slightly risqué, he delivers some refreshing good clean comedy. Ron Placone is a comedian, who has toured around the US and has opened for top comedians. He is also a writer, a media critic, and hosts Thoughts, Rants & Cold Coffee. He is also the creator of the one-man show, Madness in the Message.

Their show is on Friday, March 21 at 8 pm, Saturday, March 22 at 7 pm and at 9 pm. Tickets are available online through the Comedy Zone website. The shows are for 21 years and up.