Doing business in Charleston with Robert Wong from The Bridge Road Bistro

Bridge Road BistroOne of the big issues on many business owners minds these days is how they should be reacting to today’s uncertain economic climate. Many businesses are looking to reduce costs no matter what it takes. They are laying employees off, lowering the quality of their products and doing whatever they can to cut back.

Contrast this with what Robert Wong is doing at his restaurant/bar The Bridge Road Bistro.

While others are cutting back, “the Bistro” has undergone a renovation, making the bar area larger (approximately 20 more seats) and more inviting.

While others are reducing staff, “the Bistro” has added a second manager.

While others are being as conservative as possible, The Bridge Road Bistro is continuing to be innovative and willing to take chances.

When asked why he was willing to take chances when others aren’t, Robert Wong explained “I only worry about those things I’m able to control and while I can’t control the economy, I can control the experience of those who come to the Bistro.”

When asked what his biggest fear was regarding his business, Robert Wong explained “my biggest fear is complacency” By regularly updating their menu, improving their decor (see the paintings of wine bottles by Lynn Payne), and continuing to improve the utilization of their space, “The Bistro” will continue to flourish.

To experience a progressive restaurant which is a bit more than what many might expect in the Charleston West Virginia area, check out The Bridge Road Bistro (

Periodically, we will be writing about local businesses who are proactive and being successful in the Charleston market and looking at what makes them successful.