East End Family Resource Center

giftFounded with the mission to “build bridges of opportunity”, the East End Family Resource Center accomplishes this aim through programs that gives the residents of Charleston’s East End a window of opportunity to achieve.

Programs like the Roosevelt Learning Center, a full-service after-school program; East End Career Center, helping the unemployed and underemployed citizens gain basic skills for employability, and; Computer Lab/Internet Access at the Career Center, open to everybody in the community, are just some of the organization’s projects to help the community.

The EEFRC was organized by the East End Coalition for Families in 2001. Comprised of residents, businesses and city leaders, the center brings hope to the East End and encourages others to look after the well-being of the community, and utilize the resources available. The center is funded by grants and donations, and apart from a small staff, VISTA & America Corps workers, it is also run by volunteers.

East End Family Resource Center
PO Box 11559, Charleston, WV 25339
Phone: (304) 344-1656, (304) 344-1657
Fax: (304) 720-0201
Website: www.eefrc.org