Ethan Bortnick: The Power of Music

Ethan BortnickOne of the youngest philantropists in the world is making a stop at the Clay Center on May 25, 2014.

Ethan Bortnick, the 13 year old wunderkind, will be in Charleston, WV, as part of the Power of Music national tour. Joining him is Damian McGinty from the popular TV show, Glee, and the Appalachian Children’s Chorus.

A pianist, singer, composer, and entertainer, Ethan promises an evening of great music and performances. This is his second PBS concert.

Ethan started playing the piano when he was just three years old, and has the uncanny ability to play a song note for note after hearing it only once. He has toured the world, performing in various countries including Australia, Brazil, and South Africa. He is the youngest entertainer to headline a show in Las Vegas.

Tickets for the show are selling for $38.50, and are available through the Clay Center website.

Photo credit: Wendy Kenin