Featured Artist: Jenifer Sheets

How did you get started in your art?

I have loved art all my life. My mother encouraged me as a child to be creative, and even volunteered at my elementary school so that we could have art class one day each week. When she went back to college, she made mini versions of her art projects for my sister and I to do alongside her. I have studied art extensively ever since.

Twilight Meeting
Twilight Meeting

What are the major influences in your art?

I love color and the emotion it brings forth. I am inspired by nature, especially trees, sunsets, and birds. My major influences throughout school were Matisse, Klimt, and Van Gogh.

What differs your technique from other artists?

The style of my art is simple and clean with the subject of the piece usually done in a silhouette style. I use color in the background to convey a certain emotion or feeling, or maybe a particular time of day or year.

Rasta Tree
Rasta Tree

How do you describe the art scene in Charleston?

Charleston’s art scene has a little something for everyone. Whether you are looking for original paintings, pottery, retro décor, photography, jewelry, antiques or hand-blown glass, you are bound to find it downtown.

How receptive are the people of Charleston towards your art?

Since I currently sell my art online, people from across the country and all over the world have been able to view my work. The feedback has been great, and I hope to feature my work in Charleston soon.

Miscellaneous  Art
Miscellaneous Art

What are your favorite art pieces around Charleston?

I am a huge fan of work by local artists Emily Roles, Traci L. Higginbotham, Bruce Haley, and Charly Hamilton. They each have such a unique style and use color and movement brilliantly.

What particular things in Charleston inspire you to create art?

The downtown atmosphere during a gallery opening or ArtWalk is buzzing with creativity from local artists, musicians, and gallery visitors. I also find the colors of WV during the fall very inspiring.

Clay Creations
Clay Creations

If you were to create an art piece depicting Charleston, what medium, technique and inspiration would you use?

I would use an aerial view of downtown Charleston as my inspiration, and I would create a tiny cityscape out of polymer clay. I would be sure to include the Capitol, Kanawha River, Chase and BB&T buildings, and a tiny Art Emporium.

Where would you recommend tourists to go for the best place to experience Charleston’s art scene?

The best way to experience the art scene as a whole is to participate in downtown’s ArtWalk the third Thursday of each month from 5-8pm. It’s a great way to meet great local artists in a fun, relaxed environment.


Jenifer SheetsJenifer Sheets is a twenty-five year old resident of Charleston with a BS in Business Administration with a minor in Art from West Virginia Wesleyan College. She has worked downtown at the Art Emporium for over a year, and have recently taken up art again in her spare time. Jenifer enjoy painting and experimenting with polymer clay, and has plan to pursue education in Interior Decorating in the fall. Her clay creations can be found at www.jenis1321.etsy.com and her original art at www.21pinkelephants.etsy.com.