Handicapped facilities in Charleston

Handicap accessible hotels in Charleston WVSeveral Charleston hotels have disabled access, rooms and facilities. Whether you’re in town for business or pleasure, Charleston offers a variety of choice for your accommodation needs while traveling in Charleston WV.

One of such hotel is the Ramada Plaza Hotel near the Charleston Chuck Yeager airport. The Ramada has a couple of handicap-friendly rooms of varying size, style and features. The hotel also has ground-level parking that makes it easy to get from your car in the parking lot into the hotel.

In downtown Charleston and nearby areas, hotels with handicapped rooms and facilities are The Residence Inn on Hotel Circle, Sleep Inn Charleston on Pennsylvania Ave. and the Marriott Charleston Town Center on Lee street. On the edge of town, near the interstate entrance and exit ramps is the Country Inn and Suites, which offers handicapped rooms and elevators with Braille labels.

Ramada Plaza Hotel Charleston
Second Avenue And B Street, South Charleston, WV

Residence Inn Charleston
200 Hotel Circle, Charleston, WV

Marriott Charleston Town Center
200 Lee Street East, Charleston, WV

Sleep Inn Charleston
2772 Pennsylvania Ave, Charleston, WV

Country Inn and Suites Charleston
105 Alex Lane, Charleston, WV