Hiking in Charleston

West VirginiaWest Virginia has been dubbed as the “Switzerland of the United States.” This is due to the mountains that dot the state. The state is entirely in the mountain range, that run from Alabama all the way up to the island of Newfoundland in Canada. The Appalachian Mountains is considered as the geographical dividing line of the eastern seabord from the Midwest United States.

West Virginia is in both the Appalachian Plateu and Valley & Ridge region of the Appalachian. Hikers doing the Appalachian Trail will be passing through the state at Harper’s Ferry, though only for four miles. Visitors in Charleston who are interested in hiking in the Appalachians have plenty of options within the county, even if not at the AT.

There are several hiking trails that they can follow in the surrounding mountains and forest. Trail maps are available from the WV State Park website. The most popular hiking and trekking destination in charleston is the Kanawha State Forest, located just a few miles south of Charleston. The park has several hiking trails that you can do, and has fantastic facilities including a campground for those who want to hike for several days.

Thinking of getting into hiking? Try out it out for yourself during the Osbra Eye Memorial Spring Wildlflower Walks, which will be held on April 25 at the Kanawha State Forest. This event is held to commemorate Osbra Eye’s contributions as a naturalist, photographer, and advocate for Forest preservation. It will feature several walks to suit different interests. You can also get in touch with the Kanawha Trail Club, who schedules hikes all around the Kanawha Valley every weekend. Their hike schedule is posted at the club’s website at kanawhatrailclub.org