Home Grown

alicegabriela / Pixabay
Currently on exhibit at the Clay Center in Charleston, WV is Home Grown, a visual tribute to the place we call home.

Get a sense of place and make a connection with the locals through artworks that encapsulates West Virginia’s people, landscape, and notable events. The collection includes works of artists such as Barry Vance, James Gibson, Paula Clendenin, David Riffle, Anne Shreve, and Ellie Shaul.

Also on exhibit is Creative Space: Highlights from the Collection. This features 40 select works of art from the Clay Center’s collection and divided into four sections: Abstraction, The Figure, Landscape, Pop Art.

The collection, which started in 1963 with the Charleston Art Gallery of Sunrise, has close to 1,000 pieces of art. It is an impressive collection of 19th-21st Century American art in various mediums. This exhibit features work by Andy Warhol, Martin Johnson Heade, Lesley Dill, Grace Martin Taylor, Roy Lichtenstein, Helen Frankenthaler, Frederick Waugh, and Lee Savage.