Imagine Charleston

crossing-801713_1280Imagine Charleston is the project of the City of Charleston, WV as an imaginative and creative visioning and planning process that seeks to include the input from Charleston’s local residents.

Started in 2012, the first phase of the $50 million 20-year plan that was drafted after the year-long planning process has finally broke ground last year. One of the first improvements is the construction of Kanawha Boulevard trail in the west side that goes from Magic Island to Patrick Street. The trail will make it possible to walkers and bikers to easily share the space.

It is projects like these, along with the Adaptive Reuse Ordinance, Vacant Structure Ordinance, and remodeling city blocks that the planners hope would get people to come out of their houses and enjoy the rejuvenated downtown.

While the Imagine Charleston is a comprehensive plan for the future, it is flexible, and many of its future projects may change along the way.

What changes do you want to see in Charleston?