Kanawha Valley Building

Kanawha Valley BuildingStanding tall in the middle of Capitol street, the Kanawha Valley Building is one of Charleston’s iconic buildings. At 238 feet (73 meters), the buidling is the tallest building in downtown Charleston (though in the city, it’s the State Capitol Building tat ranks highest).

The Kanawha Valley Building on Capitol Street faces Davis Park, with the AT&T, BB&T & the Diamond building as its neighbors. It is one of the “Grand Old Dame” in this histric village district. Built in the 1920’s, the building was an architectural feat, but had an unfortunate timing: the United State’s economy plunged into the Great Depression just as it finished in 1929. But the building held on and withstood the test of time. Today, it houses some of Charleton’s biggest businesses.

This 22-storey high-rise has a total of 133,681 square footage. It provides its tenants with security and janitorial services, Life Safe designation, remotely monitored fire alarm system and access to the building’s 11th floor conference room.