Kanawha Valley Collective

collectiveThe Kanawha Valley Collective seeks to encourage the community and the goverment agencies to work together in developing local strategies for comprehensive systems of care for the homeless. It is their mission to provide solutions for poverty, homelessness and other social problems, as well as to enrich the quality of life of individuals and families in the Kanawha Valley.

Some projects that has benefited from the collective are the “Readiness Center,” a coordinated program for the provision of adult education, job readiness, and computer skills training. Another is the Manna Meal, that received funding to continue feeding Charleston’s homeless.

Everybody is welcomed and encouraged to help the collective. Be it by volunteering, by advocating the cause or contributing financially, every effort is appreciated by the organization and the people that directly benefit from the cause.

Kanawha Valley Collective
600 Shrewsbury Street, Charleston, WV 25301-1211
Website: www.kanawhavalleycollective.org